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What Does Labour need to do to win the rural vote?

Tweet How will Labour win the rural vote? I’ll some it up in three words: policy, process, and people! People with passion for the rural, for the countryside and coastal communities which help define this island nation. But first of … Continue reading

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Deep Fried UKIP . . . Conference Diary 2014

Tweet Tuesday of conference and many people are focused on the Leader’s speech, what might he say, might I get a seat in the Hall, what will the papers say, how will it feel the day after . . . … Continue reading

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Devolution, Localism and Representing the Coast & Country…. Conference Diary 2014

Tweet Today, the devolution debate continues, though often now in the guise of localism, and how labour will deliver that localism for the people of Britain. At the LGA fringe, Deborah Mattinson, founder of the polling organization Britainthinks, highlighted the … Continue reading

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Devolution should include Town and Parish . . . . Conference Diary

Tweet The conference fringe is as varied and diverse as the issues that face coast and country communities.  This year with the Scottish vote the question of who decides what emerges in most fringe event discussions, be that the value of … Continue reading

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One Nation Labour, for the communities of coast and country too! Labour: Coast & Country’s Conference Fringe.

Tweet The first fringe of the Labour List tent Conference 2014 was hosted by Labour: Coast & Country this sunny lunchtime. Over 100 delegates, including local activists, PPCs, MPs, and MEPs gathered to consider the question of how the Party’s … Continue reading

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